University Departments

The reservation request form can be downloaded and emailed to the appropriate Events Administrator. Please use this form for all indoor request for Student Center East, Student Center West, and Student Services Building.

If you need assistance prior to completing the form, please call 312-413-5045 (Student Center East) or 312-413-5225 (Student Center West and Student Services Building).

Requests for outdoor spaces require additional approvals. Requests must be made through UIC Connection. If you already have access, you can use the “create an event form”. If you need access or for additional information, please contact Nikki Andrae.

Events are not considered confirmed until the person making the request has received an email confirmation.

Reservation Request Form

Room Holds/Cancellation Policy

Space can be held tentatively for up to two weeks.  After two weeks, you must either confirm the space or the reservation will be canceled.  We will only hold a maximum of three dates.

Rooms that have been confirmed for more than 2 weeks may be subject to cancellation fees as follows:

Summer Conferences

< 15 days prior, 100% of the cost of the room

15 – 29 days, 50% of the cost of the room

30 – 59 days prior, 25% of the cost of the room

Illinois Rooms/Thompson Rooms

< 15 days prior, 100% of the cost of the room

15 – 29 days, 50% of the cost of the room

All other spaces

< 7 days prior, 100% of the cost of the room

8 – 14 days prior, 50% of the cost of the room


Payments can be made by cash, check, credit card, or voucher.  Payments are preferred prior to your event and are required within 2 weeks of your event.  Failure to provide payment will result in restricted future reservation privileges.

Contact Staff for SCE Reservations

Contact Staff for SCW and SSB Reservations