Registered Student Organizations

Fall 2021 Semster:

Registered Student Organizations for 2021-2022 may reserve weekly meetings and special events.  If you are not registered for 2021-2022, please go to the Center for Student Involvement (CSI) website to learn more about the annual registration process.

Weekly meetings can be reserved in Rooms 603, 605, 610, White Oak, and Rathskellar.  Room 613 can be used for dance practices or other events that need a cleared space.  Rooms 302 and Cardinal can be reserved for special events.  Illinois Rooms AB can be reserved from 6pm - 10pm.


In order to reserve space, please complete a space request form in UIC Connection at by using the “Create event” function. Under the organizational tools, only the president, vice president, and treasurer of your student organization can request room space. Under “Events”, if you do not see the “Create Event” button, you are not authorized to request space.

The first page is basic event information. On the second page, you will complete additional event information depending on the type of space you are requesting. Upon event approval, your event will be emailed to the person who requested the space and be posted in UIC Connection!

Events are not considered confirmed until the person who requested the space has received an email confirmation from the Office of Meetings & Conferences.

Please click here for more information on creating an event in UIC Connection.

Events are not considered confirmed until the person making the request has received an email confirmation.

PLEASE NOTE:  Rooms are provided free of charge and equipment is offered at a discounted rate only for Registered Student Organizations using the space for their organization or with other UIC students.  If your organization is partnering with a campus department, the campus department rate will be charged for both the room costs and equipment costs.  If your organization is partnering with a non-university group, you will be charged at the affiliated rate for rooms and equipment.  If your event has more than 50% non-UIC attendees, you will be charged the affiliated rate for rooms and equipment.  Meetings and Conferences reserves the right to determine the rate that your organization will be charged.  If you reserve space for your organization and it is determined at a later date that the event was coordinated with a campus department or outside organization, the costs listed will be added to your reservation.

COVID Restrictions:  Facial coverings must be worn for all events in SCE and SCW, regardless of vaccination status.  Social distancing is recommended, but not required for vaccinated people.  People who are not vaccinated are required to maintain 6' social distance.  Violation of UIC COVID -19 protocols will result in an automatic 2 week suspension.  Food is only allowed at events with a 6' social distance set up.  See HERE for UIC COVID information.

 Contact Meetings and Conferences:

For assistance, please call 312-413-1780, email Janina Castillo-Rojas at, or visit us in Room 380A Student Center East.

Tips to plan a successful event

The Office of Meetings and Conferences is happy to assist you in planning your event.  We have space for weekly and general body meetings, signature events, performances, conferences, and special events.

We are available to assist you in planning your event.  We focus not just on your reservation, but in determining the appropriate space and the appropriate set up to reach the desired outcome of your event.  All Illinois Room events and other special events require a premeeting three weeks in advance of your event.